Every brand/business needs a presence on social media. But which one?
One of the main reasons for a failed social strategy is prioritizing the wrong social media platform.
So, how do you pick the best social media platform for your business?

Before you decide to pick the best social media platforms for your business,
Perform a keyword research that gives you at least 5 keywords that describe your brand or the niche you belong to/ are targeting.
Pick at least 2 competitors. OR Look for top domains in Social Animal for any keyword in Insights.

Now, Here’s what you should do to find social media platforms that will suit your needs.

Step 1: Look for top articles for the keywords & competitors you’ve picked. Pay attention to the top engagement metrics and see which social media platforms have had the most engagement.

Step 2: Click on Insights and look at the engagement data for each keyword/competitor. Use filters to see the engagement metrics for each social media platform.

Step 3: Social Animal looks at average engagements for any keyword/competitor and picks the platform with the most engagement. This should be one of the platforms that you should focus your marketing efforts on.

Step 4: To dig deeper, take a look at Content Analysis in Insights which will show you engagement metrics on different platforms based on the content type, day published, content length and the title length.

These steps will tell you where you can expect maximum engagement for your content and your brand.

Things to remember before you choose to go on a social media platform:
Create a social strategy that is unique to each social media platform.
Make a social media calendar to post content consistently.
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