The first step towards creating exceptional content is to understand your content competition zone.

It is smarter to know the number of articles being published in your industry and whether or not they gain social media shares.

To get an overview of your content competition, enter your target niche/query in the Social Animal search bar and move over to the Content Insights section.

The graph below will display the number of articles published for your keyword over a period of time.

You can shift between daily, weekly, and monthly view by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Now, you can check the total shares of these articles over the chosen time frame.

In this example, the total number of social media shares for data analytics has been varying once every three months as it gains traction steadily.

If we look at the number of articles, an average of 270+ articles are published every month.

This analysis helps us understand a bunch of things:

The number of articles produced does not influence social media shares across the web.
There is good competition in this domain, as 270+ articles have been published every month.
Average shares depend on the time of publishing.
To stand out in this niche, exceptional content must be created and promoted well among the readers.
Further analysis is needed for articles published in the months of January, June, October, and December as they have gained more social media shares.
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