Search operators are special characters and commands that extend the capabilities of regular text searches. Social Animal can be considered a search tool as it searches through its database of over 300+ million articles (with at least a million more added each day) to show you articles with the most engagement for any topic or keyword.

Here’s a list of all the search operators that can be used to refine your results in Social Animal.

Exact search

" " - Put any phrase, topic, or keyword in quotes to force Social Animal to show the exact-match results.

Here’s how you do it:

Sample keyword: Digital marketing
When you put digital marketing in quotes as you search, you get results that match your keyword exactly.

Here’s how the results might look like if you didn’t try the “exact match search”

Exclude Terms or Keywords

- - Exclude a term or phrase. Put a minus (-) in front of any term (including operators) to exclude that term from the results. Example: Tesla -Elon Musk

Narrow down results using the negative search operator.

Get results for multiple keywords

, - Search for multiple terms or keywords. Use commas to separate keywords. Get results for all the keywords that you’ve entered.
Example: cars,phones

Here you can see results for both cars and phones.

Filter articles by location

Location: Find articles from a certain location. Example: location:"California" Nature

Let’s take a look at all the ways you can refine results by location.
Use the location filter.
Use the TLD filter.
Just type in the location along with your keyword.
And lastly, use the search operator - location:

Filter results by Author name

Author: Find articles written by a specific author. Example: author:Meghann Myers

Domain search

Just type in any domain in Social Animal's search bar to get the top posts and their analysis. Here's an example:
You can then filter these results using various filters and sort them based on engagements from different platforms.

Combine operators

You can also narrow down your search results by combining operators. Example: Hurricane -Floods

Here's a minus operator combined with domain search. This should help you narrow down results by keywords.

Here's another example: "Gossip"
An exact keyword match with a domain search.

You can also lengthen the search term by stringing terms together. Example: Covid Lockdown United States

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