Not many influencer marketing tools cater the influencer list based on the requirement of your campaign.

The advanced filters in Social Animal Influencer search mode will help you attain the best list of Twitter Influencers based on your content marketing requirement.

Let us now take a keyword and look at the different results based on the influencer search mode.

The Twitter influencer search has 3 modes.

Twitter Profiles:
In this mode, the search gives the results of the top Influencers that have the keyword in their Twitter profile description.

There are a number of filters in this mode: Name, Location, URL, Language, minimum number of followers, maximum number of followers, minimum following, maximum following, minimum number of tweets, and maximum number of tweets.

By specifying your requirements in the filter menu, the corresponding result can be obtained.

Here is the result for the keyword - social media marketing.

This result can be sorted by Tweets, followers, and listen on options.

Shared Content:

This mode gives the results based on the tweets shared by the Influencers on Twitter. In this way, the relevance of the Influencer and the search is highly validated.

In this mode, you can filter the influencers on the following categories - bloggers, celebrities, journalists, brands, verifies influencers, and micro influencers.

In the example below, I chose the journalists filter and clicked on Apply filter. Here are the results.

This result can also be further sorted based on followers, tweets, listen on, average shares, and shared links.

Top Authors:

This mode provides the Twitter profiles of the authors who have created most engaging articles for the given keyword.

Here are the top authors for the keyword - social media marketing.

This list can be exported in CSV and Excel format.
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