Social Animal streamlines your marketing efforts to work efficiently on a campaign based approach.

With the help of the dashboard, content marketers can save hours of research time and strategically get ahead of their competition with ease.

The dashboard acts as a preview for the entire Social Animal data engine in action.

As soon as you set up an account, the inputs you provide make things easier for you.

Add the keywords and domains you want to track.

Add article urls, Influencers and Facebook posts to separate Projects to track them.

Keywords: Enter target keywords which have decent search volume, and high relevance to your upcoming article.

Competitors: Enter the domains or keywords of your competition, who have published content similar to your upcoming article.

Project Name: Input the project name based on the campaign or the article you are currently working on.

These inputs will help you channelize your resources in a more organized way.

(Tip: You can also use the Social Animal Insights section to find the best domains for your target keyword.)

If any article is published relating to your target keyword or from your target domain, they will be updated in your dashboard at once.

Likewise, if any of your competitors publish content or if their name/brand is mentioned, the dashboard will display it at once.
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