To take down your competitors, you should know what they are doing and do that better than them. Competitor mapping and competitor content analysis will give you insights on what to do and what not to.

Facebook profile analysis

If you cannot find who your competitors are, follow the steps below.

Type in your focus keyword on Social Animal’s Facebook search tool.

Click “Top Pages” and you’ll be presented with a list of Facebook pages that rank at the top for that particular keyword.

Click here to find Top pages for any keyword now.

With Social Animal’s Facebook Analyzer, you can perform competitor’s content analysis by typing in the name of the page. Here you will have to make a note of how the page has grown by looking at the number of posts per day, the type of posts and the engagement they’ve received.

Here’s an example:

Once you’re dine, you’ll need to look at how people have engaged. Click on “Overview” and you can see how the reactions have split and also look at the top posts. This is important because you get to see what has actually worked and you can click on any post to view it directly on Facebook.

With a glance you can learn the total number of posts that a page has posted from the start and it will also tell you what kind of content/media they’ve used the most.

Here’s what you will learn from all this data,

The number of posts that you must create to engage your audience.
The type of content you must focus more on.
The day of the week when you must try to engage your audience.

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