Micro influencers are individuals who interact with your audience on a constant basis.

Rather than promoting random products, micro influencers act as consultants when it comes to their audience.

Micro influencers can scale your business and help your brand communicate with the right audience within a limited budget.

It is extremely easy to select the best micro influencers for your business using this powerful filter in the influencer section of Social Animal.

Choose the share content option after entering your target keyword. For this example, I have chosen the keyword – content marketing

This mode displays the best Twitter profiles who have shared content related to content marketing.

Once the results are loaded for the shared content mode, choose the micro influencer filter from the list of filters from your left and hit the Apply Filter button.

Now you have got the best list of micro-influencers for the keyword content marketing. The power of this data is that these profiles are active and engage with their audience.

You can hit export to download the data in CSV format.
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