Selecting the right influencer to represent your brand can be tough. But when done right, they can amplify your brand’s voice and message like no other.

Here are 3 ways to find the best influencers using Social Animal and perfect your influencer marketing strategy.

Find Influencers using Social Animal’s Influencer search. Type in any keyword and use filters to sort through Influencers based on the keyword being present in their twitter profiles or in the content they share or top authors for that keyword. You can then sort them by the number of tweets or followers.

When you filter by Twitter followers, you can narrow down results by location, language, maximum or minimum followers and more.

When you choose Influencers based on the content they share, you can choose between Bloggers, Celebrities, Journalists, Brands or Micro-Influencers, pick verified Influencers and exclude publications.

You can then export this list of Influencers into a CSV file or an Excel file. You can follow or send them a message directly from Social Animal.
Social Animal also lets you create a list which you can use to reach out to at a later period.

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Find Influencers to follow or reach out to by entering keywords/competitors (called alerts) on your dashboard. You will see popular influencers for any alert.

You will also receive Daily Digest emails on every weekday from Social Animal containing popular Influencers for the alerts you’ve created.

Find Top authors for any topic/keyword from the Insights section. These are people who’ve created popular and trending articles for the keyword you’re looking for and have a high chance of being Influencers for that topic.

Click on Explore from the Insights section to look at articles written by these top authors.

Things to remember before you choose Influencers:

Pay attention to an Influencer’s engagement with their audience.
Do not focus on the number of followers alone.
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