The following is a detailed guide for you to find top-performing content using Social Animal’s article search.

The strategies and techniques mentioned are well tested and they work like a charm for all content marketers.

So, let's dive in!

Input the target keyword(Example: NASA) in the search bar and hit enter. The Social Animal data engine now fetches you the results of the most engaging articles for your target keyword.

This list of articles gives you an understanding of what kind of content tops the charts for your target keyword.

Analyzing the top articles for your target keyword helps you in understanding what kind of content your audience likes to share.

You can also analyze what type of content works, which headlines stand out, etc.

Analyze the top five to ten articles to further study the approach of the publication. This will help you incorporate similar techniques in your upcoming article.

This analysis will direct you to create a data-driven content strategy which in turn will make you create exceptional research-based content.
More importantly, this content will actually gain organic shares as they have all the elements of a top-performing article.
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