Content curation,
Helps educate your community
Establishes credibility and trust
Improves your brand voice and
Builds brand awareness and loyalty

But, Content curation can be complex and challenging. And that's where Social Animal comes in.

To curate content that breaks through the clutter and support your business objectives, follow these steps.

Step 1: Sign in to Social Animal.

Step 2: Find trending articles to curate from the dashboard. These articles will be based on the keywords and competitors that you set. (These can be edited/deleted).

Step 3: You can also find popular articles to curate by looking for any keyword/domain and use filters to narrow down your results.

Step 4: After choosing an article, click on Share Article which will present you with different social media platforms to share. You can click on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to directly share the piece of content or select scheduling platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer.
To share on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn directly, you will be asked to log in to the platforms separately. (This process will not be repeated every time you want to share an article directly)
To schedule posts on Hootsuite or Buffer, you will be asked to log in to the platforms after which you can schedule multiple posts. The number of posts that you can schedule is based on your account type. Hootsuite and Buffer offer free and paid accounts. (Make sure you authorize these platforms to post on your social media profiles/pages)

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Things to remember before you curate content:

Use Social Animal’s Insights to find the best social media platform, day and time to post.
Customize the caption of your post to suit your audience.
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