Headlines can be a deal breaker for your blog visits. All marketers know that headlines are a game changer when it comes to articles and videos.

Crafting attractive titles to your articles is now easy with our data-driven approach.

Enter your target keyword in the article search section. Now, the results of the most shared articles will appear.

Choose the articles that appear inspiring to you and click on the headline analyzer option adjacent to them.

Clicking on the Headline Analyzer tool shows you a detailed analysis of that article’s headline displaying the examined result of the length, words, emotions, and sentiment of the selected article’s headline.

By understanding the headline analysis of a top shared article, you can create a similar headline that will attract clicks to your article.

Let us now look at an example!

Headline analyzer consists of 4 parts.

Length Analysis: An analysis of the overall structure, grammar, and readability of your headline.

Word Analysis: An analysis of the word composition of your headline.

Emotion Analysis: An analysis of the emotional structure of the keywords in your headline.

Sentiment Analysis: An analysis that determines which sentiment the headline portrays - positive, neutral, or negative.

Comparing the headlines of articles

The compare headlines feature gives you an understanding of the keywords used in the articles, word count and the shares obtained by them across social media platforms.

You can compare the headlines of top articles to gain more interesting data.

Click on ‘Add to compare” and choose two top articles to start the comparison.

This comparison gives you a detailed understanding of which headline worked best for the top articles and also the keywords related to it.
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